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Is It SEO Important For My Tour Operator Business?

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I worked on hotel customer service for 5 years approx (in Jaco Beach, CR) during my stay on that market niche I understood how many tours operators work together with hotels to improve transportation or tours selling, this partnership is great because both sides make business and can provide a high-quality experience to travelers.

Of course and most of the time, there is a commission percent and/or fee that tours operators have to pay to hotels, it percent will depend on tour destination but regularly it’s 20%. So if you booked a transportation service through a hotel front desk you’ll have to pay 20% approx which is $20 dollars, the net worth of your service will be $80.

It could sound good but, let me ask you…. what happens if that hotel decides to use another tour operator? or if the hotel decides to have their own travel agency, dealing with the tour operator directly? Yeah… your business will have problems.

I don’t say that partnerships are so bad…

I just say that isn’t a good idea to “Put All Your Eggs in One Basket” and here’s where SEO can help you.

I’m sure that, most of my readers have a website, and most of the time that website don’t make an important percent of their business. Why? from an SEO point of view the main reason is a bad optimization, SEO is simple to understand… if you don’t have the visibility you don’t make business.

Simple does not mean easy. Here’s where many people make mistakes trying to optimize a website by their self, SEO is an entire world many things change constantly and if you’re not an expert is impossible to develop a real strategy.

A real SEO strategy can help your business to reach people who search for your product/services, it will help you to move an important percent of your business from third parties to your website, if that “hotel” decides to stops the partnership it won’t be a huge problem for you since most of your reservations come from your own website.

SEO takes time and it’s important for online business, take advance of your website to let a professional SEO help you to optimize it. SEO isn’t a “magic button” need hard and constant work.

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