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SEO for travel business websites: 3 tips to easily improve your ranking on Google

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Diving on SEO through 10 years approx, I could see how important it’s a good online visibility for travel business in a country like Costa Rica and around the world.

Travel business keeps growing and every day more and small new business brands wants to take a cake slice, medium and huge companies have understood how important is improving their marketing strategy otherwise they will have to share more market revenue with new companies.

Highlighted: I have seen how some Costa Rica tours websites has grown so fast on organic results and it’s because they have a good SEO strategy.

Why I’m telling you about it?

Most of the time when I make an SEO audit it’s easy to find how people hurt their own business because of non-knowledge of SEO. I’m not saying those people do not have an idea of their business just say that they don’t have an idea of how online marketing focused on organic traffic works… and it’s fine but a smart move is to hire someone who really knows how to improve it.

If you have a website make sure to understand what technology has used to make it, most of the time I highly recommend a CMS such as WordPress or Joomla. Use a custom framework can be a huge problem in the future because you’ll need depends on the developer to update it.

  • 1) Make sure to fill out all meta titles and descriptions of your website, it’s a very basic SEO task however can help your online business.


  • 2) Make great content. Provide in-depth content will show your users that you really know about a specific topic.


  • 3) Optimize your images weight. Clients really hate slow websites, one of the main reason for a slow website is images weight, today you can take advance of free tools like to optimize your website images.

SEO isn’t a run, it’s a marathon

Keep in mind the SEO takes time, a daily improving can give you the notorious result after a least 6 months. Make sure to hire a professional SEO or a least hire a consulting to really know what are your site pro and cons related to SEO.

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